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Automotive innovations promise safety and convenience

Baby-boomer mythology had a generation believing we’d already be at least 10 years into commuting to work in personal rocket packs, jettisoning from home to office to shopping center to wherever. So much for yesterday’s predictions. But excitement exists today … Continue reading

Phone estimates rarely ring true

Remember the old Phone First ad campaign? Its spirited little jingle implored people not to waste time and gas visiting stores that were closed or out of a certain item, but to get on the horn instead. That logic works … Continue reading

“Check engine” light on?  

Let’s face it: The only lights we drivers want on in our vehicles are softly glowing dashboard lamps or strong headlights. The unwanted list: amber, yellow or red lights proclaiming “Check Engine,” “Service Engine Soon,” “Check” or “SES,” often with … Continue reading

Car-care fact vs. fiction

Hello all you folks out in Internet land. Welcome to everyone’s favorite game show: “Rubbish or Reality?” This is the no-stakes competition in which you win zero prizes, but gain valuable automotive knowledge that could save you big bucks or … Continue reading

Top 3 reasons you may be cheating your car with a quick oil change

Are quick oil change stations like drugstore reading glasses? We think so and here’s why: 1. Cheaters are a quick solution to an immediate need, reading things close-up when your vision is blurry. Nothing more. An oil change at an … Continue reading

Get road-ready for summer fun

Sunnier Chicago days signal summer will soon be here. No doubt, Grayslake and Gurnee motorists are ready to embrace the warm weather, but how about our cars? If a vacation vs. a staycation is in your family’s forecast, it makes sense to … Continue reading

Please join us – April 18 benefit for Todd

I often use this space to share automotive tips or good news about things happening at Gages Lake. This month, I’d like to take a moment to invite you to a benefit for our very own Todd Lewis. Todd, who’s … Continue reading

8 steps to a greener ride; Hybrid not required

Until fairly recently, driving a lean, mean green machine was reserved for a select segment of the driving public. But now, it’s a lot more mainstream to be among the drivers seeking a “green” machine that adheres to the reuse-repurpose-recycle … Continue reading

A few handy items to keep in your car

If you do a lot of driving throughout Illinois or Wisconsin and beyond, or even if you live in a Chicago suburb on a road less traveled, we recommend the idea of carrying what we call a “Car Survival Kit.” … Continue reading

How to Safely Travel with Your Pet

Traveling with your dog or cat can be a lot of fun, but there are precautions that need to be followed to make sure that your pet stays safe. Visit your vet – It is recommended that before taking your … Continue reading