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Welcome to Gages Lake Auto!

Welcome to Gages Lake Auto!


We are on the Radio!

  We are all so excited about our first radio advertisement we wanted to share it with you all right away!       Click on the player below to hear it and be sure to tune in to 102.3 WXLC to hear … Continue reading

Checked Your Muffler Bearings Lately?

Me neither, and unless they invent them, I am pretty sure I never will… “Muffler Bearings”, “Blinker Fluid”, “Winter/Summer Air” for your tires – all mythical services that usually elicit a smile when brought up in satirical conversation but are actually … Continue reading

Troubles with Tires

When is it time to consider new “shoes” for your car?  If asked, most people would probably answer “when the tread is worn low”.  Simple enough, and certainly correct, but if that were the only answer, then I would not have anything … Continue reading

Automonously Automated Automobiles

Automonously Automated Automobiles

Try saying that ten times fast… With technological advances in electronic controls, laser sighting vehicle awareness technology, and pinpoint accurate GPS tracking just to name a few, the once fantasy of self driving cars is soon to become a reality.  Heck, … Continue reading

Fall Colors are Just Around the Bend

Today is the first day of Autumn and while it will be some time yet before the leaves begin to change, it is not too early to start thinking about the best places to getaway and view the colors before winter arrives. … Continue reading

Automotive innovations promise safety and convenience

Baby-boomer mythology had a generation believing we’d already be at least 10 years into commuting to work in personal rocket packs, jettisoning from home to office to shopping center to wherever. So much for yesterday’s predictions. But excitement exists today … Continue reading

Phone estimates rarely ring true

Remember the old Phone First ad campaign? Its spirited little jingle implored people not to waste time and gas visiting stores that were closed or out of a certain item, but to get on the horn instead. That logic works … Continue reading

“Check engine” light on?  

Let’s face it: The only lights we drivers want on in our vehicles are softly glowing dashboard lamps or strong headlights. The unwanted list: amber, yellow or red lights proclaiming “Check Engine,” “Service Engine Soon,” “Check” or “SES,” often with … Continue reading

Car-care fact vs. fiction

Hello all you folks out in Internet land. Welcome to everyone’s favorite game show: “Rubbish or Reality?” This is the no-stakes competition in which you win zero prizes, but gain valuable automotive knowledge that could save you big bucks or … Continue reading